Tuesday, April 14, 2009

HERM music video

I worked on the music video for HERM with my partner in crime at Paper Lantern Studios, it's called Heads. We did art direction, set design and animation. The video was shot in our studios. The wonderful Ian Benjamin Kenny was the director, you can see some photos on his blog.

Herm Heads
from Herm Videos on Vimeo.

Credits: Ian Benjamin Kenny (Director etc.), Anita Corcoran and Simone Crowley at Paper Lantern Studios (Art Direction / Production Design, Animation), DerekO'Rourke (Lighting etc.), Isobel Henihan (Assistant Producer), Sean Power (Cameraman), Rachel Quinn (Choreography), and also Hugh, Arunas, Keith, Cathal, Shane, Jackie and the 2 Pauls.

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