Monday, June 23, 2008

Busy bee...

I have been a very busy bee recently. Hence the lack of blog. So what have I been up to?

Well number one, I set-up an artists design studio with my good friend Anita Corcoran. It's a great building on Mill Street, Dublin 8. We have named it Paper Lantern Studios, there will be a full web journal from day one at our blog. Just waiting on the keys!

I have also gotten a two week internship working for CIRCA Art Magazine. I will be helping them out with the next issue of the magazine. All for free, but good experience for me, as I am trying to get back into the design world. That starts on 21st July.

So until then I am temping in office jobs and generally just waiting to get into the studio. I can't wait to dust off my canvases and take my sewing machine out of the box and get stuck in!

1 comment:

Ian Benjamin Kenny said...

Cool name and a bleedin website already, that was quick work.
Tea parties, what a pair of girls!!